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Looking To Sell A Domain Name?

Welcome to Brandadelic.

We try to do things a little differently here and after speaking with many leading people and regular domain investors in the industry and combining this with our experience in the market and keeping up with regular news from trade shows and events across the globe we have been able to offer what we think is the best way to serve both our domain customer base of investors and end users in the most efficient and professional way possible.

While domains are a core part of our business as they are of course the base for a great brand and needed to setup your online asset, be it a website, online store or funnel and accompanied email address they represent a conservative part of our total business as we offer many services.

We believe in development and love to see ventures grow and our primary goal is to present our end users with a strong brandable identity for their new venture, whatever it may be and for them to be successful of course and for this reason offer many services useful to assist this, don’t hesitate to speak to us about developing your Domain.

It will cost $10 to submit your domain to us and we will create a professional logo to go with it afterwards. A branded stationary pack will be available to the end user upon sale of your domain name.


This will fit your brandable domain perfectly for marketing purposes as we all buy with our eyes and the days of listing domains in a long list and expecting it be classed as brandable are long over, the online world requires your business to stand out from the crowd and a brandable name and logo starts our customers off on a great footing to achieve success, this is not something we consult with yourself on unless you are looking at listing a clear premium top 3% domain name and we will consult further with you about your requirements if this is the case.

Being accepted onto the Brandadelic platform should fill you with pride as you know your investment has the potential to be developed into more than a name and a brand that somebody will love and cherish. You will also be happy to know that we charge only $10 for listing and we take one of the most competitive end sales percentage commissions in the industry of 20% so the benefits are of course great for yourself and with free appraisals and an equally competitive brokering fee starting at 10% we are able to offer a one stop solution for your needs.

You may submit for free as many names as you like but only once per week, brandable and .com only, please don’t waste your time and ours by breaking these rules as you will not be allowed to list in the future whatever domain you submit, on this note sometimes we will reject valuable and clear brandable names if this is the case its not personal as it may be for many reasons and its a business of opinions after all, in this case however we will notify you of the reason why, however this is not to be expected or standard.

Please be patient as our process is NOT done overnight and professional work takes time however we are excellent communicators and strive to let you know what’s going on so please don’t hesitate to contact us about anything at all.

Once accepted you will be notified of the required steps needed to pay and list, this is also the point to speak with us about developing your asset as this is our passion.

If you have a name of obvious value that you are looking to sell and feel it would be best to be brokered by us or alternatively you are looking to acquire a name and for many reasons not looking to take on the job yourself be it not knowing the industry, where to start or looking to retain privacy and discretion, please feel free to send us a message with your requirements and speak to us about our NDAs and Domain Brokerage Contracts for both sales and acquisitions. Prices start at 10% for success and no upfront fees and we do not restrict this service to only .coms however have a minimum value of $/£ 20,000 for any names accepted.

Many thanks, good luck and we look forward to working with you soon!

Ben Harding
CEO Brandadelic


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