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Short & Sweet

This domain is perfect. Easy to remember. Easy to type for anyone. Very marketable.You will love it and so will they!

Super premium and rare two letter domain name.

Registered in 1989.

Suitable across many industries.

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Highly Marketable

2 letter .coms are the most highly marketable and Brandable domains available on the market bar none. Very searchable, great for email address, easy to type, easy to remember and perfect for any website


As short as possible, 2 letter .com domains certainly catch the eye and make a statement. They are important to investors and businesses because they are easy to type and remember by everyone. And make a real statement for your business

Stands the Test of Time

First registered in 1989 along with only a few 2 letter .coms PT withstands the test of time alongside other super premium Domains as the best available, super short, marketable and brand-able the letters P and T are also highly desirable offering many different opportunities for this Domain

Broad Market Appeal

Can be easily used across a broad range of sectors and industries including Physical Therapy and Personal Training as well as many Global and large scale corporations with the popular combination of letters

Appreciating Asset

A crucial piece of Intellectual Property for your business a 2 letter . com because of their value and rarity is something that is always rising in value, a fact backed up clearly by historical sales

Exclusive and Prestigious

Whether appealing to users or investors a statement 2 letter . com for your business shows an intent to dominate your market and brings growth and confidence to your business, Global Leaders in their industries regularly upgrade to super premium domains when available for this reason

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